Linen Storage without a Linen Closet

How do you store Linens when you do not have a Linen Closet?

If you have found this, chances are you are looking for inspiration for Linen Storage without a separate Linen Closet. Towels, sheets, pillow-cases, and other bedding may be among the various linens you are trying to store more efficiently. I want to HELP YOU with some real life ideas and pictures.

Possibly you have a small home/apartment, not enough linen closets, or perhaps you lost a closet in a home remodel/update. Some older homes just weren’t built with linen storage in mind at all. For others; like myself, we sacrificed linen storage for the sake of a more open floor plan in our house renovation. Looking back, sometimes I wish we would have kept the linen closet. But in our 1960’s classic style bungalow with the wrap around type hallway, we were able to gain a TON of extra dining room by eliminating the (admittedly not very functional) weirdly shaped closet.

Throughout our 4 years of living in my current home, I have tried MANY different linen storage methods. I wanted to share some of the methods I HAVE ACTUALLY USED, some other ideas that came to me, and additionally the method we currently use. Four people (1 Toddler, 1 Baby) doesn’t make for too much linens, but still enough I had to update my method from what was cutting it in the first few years of our marriage.

IKEA disclaimer…

Hopefully you love IKEA as much as I do, because I show ideas using pretty much ALL IKEA items. Haha, if you don’t like IKEA, I am really sorry! However, you can totally take the same ideas and find a piece on Wayfair or similar to accomplish the same task. Ikea just really does have so many options for SMALL SPACE living. That’s what we are facing, and it’s affordable, so therefore I LOVE IT. I just can’t justify spending a ton of money on pieces that I may not keep forever, or if we ever move homes and need different furniture.

Let’s get into it shall we! My apologies for the picture quality. I am DEFINATELY not a pro photographer and currently take pics with my iPhone. I tried SO hard to make the pictures as clear as possible for you! Enjoy 🙂

In every example below that uses an IKEA furniture piece, I will include a link to the American IKEA website itself, to the page for the exact piece I own. These are not affiliate links (I don’t get commission from these links) it’s mainly to give you a better, more clear picture of what I am showing and the price point of them!

Furniture Pieces I reference for Linen Storage & Organization ideas

IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

If you are not familiar with this unit, it is one among many different shoe cabinet’s IKEA sells. This one is from the Hemnes range so it coordinates with the other Hemnes products (if your looking for a cohesive furniture feel throughout your home). We actually own the Hemnes dresser for our baby room. I love the white color and the simple, but nice looking shape the pieces have.

Shoe cabinets from IKEA feature drawers that flip FORWARD, and have a very slim overall profile. This is because they are meant to fit nicely along walls in small/narrow entry ways. I have one in my bedroom because we have a small porch, without much shoe storage. I normally store our extra (town/church) type shoes in this unit.

You can view the Hemnes Shoe Cabinet here on Ikea’s website. 

IKEA Kallax (Expedit) Shelf Unit

This unit is great because you can keep things in the storage cubes and have it nicely tucked in when it’s not being used. It’s not my favorite option, but it definitely does do the job! This is actually how I stored our towels and sheets for the first few years we were married! Then stored clothes in the top two storage cubes. This was before I owned the Hemnes cabinet.

You can view the Kallax Shelf Unit here on Ikea’s website. 

IKEA Lillangen High Cabinet

This unit is specifically meant for bathrooms. I have never been a fan of over the toilet storage units. I like things to be behind closed doors, neat and clean from dust etc. We just recently got this unit around a year ago. It has been GREAT! So we currently do use ours for towels, and have it beside the toilet and shower in our ensuite. It fits perfect, and because it is so tall, we can store a lot in it.

You can view the Lillangen High Cabinet with Aluminum door here on Ikea’s website

Towel: Linen Storage inspiration without a Linen Closet

1.) Towel Storage featuring IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

I realized that these drop down drawers are perfect for storing towels in. If you roll the towels as I have, you can fit ALOT in there. Especially since you have more than one drawer. You have to fold the towels lengthwise so you have a LONGER towel, then roll it. Like this

People this is perfect for…

a.) Someone that has a large bedroom but small ensuite and needs some extra towel storage

b.) Someone who needs to be able to store extra towel linens for a guest bathroom or kids bathroom, but does not have enough cupboard space in the bathroom itself. Put this into the hallway near the bathroom for easy access!

c.) Someone who has one bathroom for EVERYONE to use, guests, kids, etc. All towels can be kept in here, once again in the hallway. Saving precious space in the vanity for everyone’s hygiene supplies.

Another view there to show you how many towels I have in there, with that top drawer out of the way. It fits 6 normal (adult) towels in the bottom row, and I would have to say around 9 hand towels in the top. I didn’t fill it all the way. I should have, my apologies!

2.) Towel Storage featuring IKEA Kallax (Expedit) Shelf Unit

This next linen storage idea is very customizable to a person’s needs. These units can be bought in various shapes and sizes. All of them able to fit the same size of cube within. You can get plastic bins, fabric bins like these ones in the picture below, as well as wicker. The frame itself can also be found in various colors to match your décor.

You can designate each cube to house a certain type of Towel. One for bath towels, one for hand towels, another for face towels, and the last one for bath mats or other related bath linens.

You also have the ability to either fold or roll the towels in this unit, compared to the shoe storage cabinet, in which you can only roll towels. In the single cube below, I was able to fit around 8 full sized bath towels (not pictured)

This method is what I used personally for around 2 years or so! We do not have large bathrooms, and therefore modestly sized vanities. So I don’t have storage space in my vanities for extra towels.

People this is perfect for…

a.) Someone that has a large bedroom but small ensuite and needs some extra towel storage

b.) A large ensuite with lots of room for this unit, or a double high one to store towels and other linens in. But has no designated linen closet in the ensuite itself.

c.) An area outside of a well used bathroom, but still nearby. Large enough that the depth of this unit doesn’t take up hallway space.

3.) Towel Storage featuring IKEA Lillangen High Cabinet

Of course, this is what the Lillangen is meant for. It is designed to be a towel, or other bathroom item storage unit. The shelves are all adjustable. The IKEA VARIERA is the white box pictured at the top of the cupboard. It fits perfectly width wise in there, and is a great way to store wash cloths.

People this is perfect for

a.) Anyone who does not like over the toilet style cupboard, and prefers the look of a tall, narrow unit.

b.) People who are in need of many shelves to help organize their towels and bath linens

c.) Someone in need of a freestanding unit that has a very small horizontal footprint.

4.) Towel Storage in Bathroom Vanity

Of course you can store bath towels under your bathroom vanity. But this isn’t really possible for everyone. In some cases the vanity is too small, has obnoxiously twisty plumbing…or just is full of other things. Like mine! I prefer to store toiletries and such under the vanity.

Bed Linen: Storage inspiration without a Linen Closet

1.) Bed Linen Storage featuring IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Yes, the Hemnes shoe cabinet also makes a great bed linen storage solution. After giving this a try, I totally would have kept my bed linens in here! It would be so nice to have them out of the reach of my ever helpful toddler. Sadly I cannot, as we do have to actually use this unit for shoes.

This is a great option none the less. If you do not have a linen closet, utilizing a sleek and thin cabinet like this would be really helpful.

You could easily keep out the center partition (the center white piece) when you are building it, allowing a larger blanket or comforter to fit in the cabinet.

People this is perfect for

a.) Someone looking for a Linen storage solution for their hallway or in the living area of their home. The cabinet comes in many sizes and colors to suit every home.

b.) Someone looking for a nice way to store guest linens in a guest bedroom. It is discreet, simple and really effective.

c.) Someone who wants to store bed linens in their master bedroom apart from the clothes closet.

2.) Bed Linen Storage featuring IKEA Kallax (Expedit) Shelf Unit

The IKEA Kallax unit is so versatile. You can choose your color of frame, and have a lot of options for the box inserts.

It makes a perfect way to store bed linens in a bedroom, or in your living space. As it wouldn’t really draw attention to the fact there is bedding housed within.

Perfect for

a.) Anyone looking for a small (height and depth wise) unit for inside a closet

b.) Someone looking to store linens in an inconspicuous way in the general living area of their home

c.) Someone who is looking for a versatile storage unit that can store more than just bed linens alone. Or have the option of also fitting larger blankets in the unit, not just sheets.

This next picture is an example of how you could also store bathroom linens in the bottom of the Kallax, while displaying your bed linens (or putting them into a cube also) on the next level. I apologize for the very…not perfect folding of the sheets. I AM NOT GOOD at folding sheets, and my daughter actually always plays in these cubes (we still keep our bed sheets in one of the cubes) so the linens are CONSTANTLY being unfolded anyways 😉

3.) Bed Linen Storage featuring IKEA Lillangen High Cabinet

One of the last methods of linen storage without a linen closet is a tall, slender and sleek free-standing cabinet. The Lillangen cabinet has many options for doors and feet to really customize the look. You can use this to your advantage and style it to match your bedroom to store your bedroom linens. Alternatively you can style it to match your living area and use it in place of a traditional linen closet. Because this cabinet is so tall and narrow, it can really fit anywhere without looking too out of place.

Please don’t mind the fact that I am demonstrating this using only half of the cabinet (and in my bathroom). As you can see, you would be able to store ALOT of bedlinens in this cabinet. Add bins or baskets to keep your smaller items (such as pillows) super organized and tidy.

People this is perfect for

a.) Looking to store bed linens in their bedroom but do not have much horizontal space. Going vertical will be the ultimate linen closet replacement solution.

b.) Replace a traditional linen closet for guest linens/guest bathroom linens by placing the Lillangen unit in your living space, or at the end of a hallway and styling to meet the surrounding décor. It will be easy to hide in a corner thanks to it’s tall profile.

There are many ways to store your linens without a traditional linen closet.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope that these ideas were helpful to you. They were all staged and photographed in my home, (actually took a long time! haha but super worth it), to showcase the different ways I have stored my Linens over the years, due to not having a separate linen closet.

Organizing is my jam, I love it and it makes me happy! So it makes me so excited to share my ideas with others.

Leave any comments below with questions, thoughts or if you are going to give one of these a try. I would love to chat about how it went!