Handy Trick to Maximize Under Sink Storage


Whether it be your kitchen sink or bathroom sink, organizing and maximizing the storage space can be tricky! There are pipes to navigate around, and SO many things that can be nicely hidden under there.

You can organize and maximize under sink storage with this handy trick.

I know for myself, my sink cabinets have always been something to constantly be re-organized. There are always so many things I want to put under there, but seemingly never enough room.

I discovered a handy little hack one day when I was fixing up my kitchen sink cabinet. I am proud to say it has WORKED and hasn’t needed to be changed in 6 months! That is a record for me. To anyone who doesn’t know me, I tend to compulsively re-organize things until they are perfect. Then once they are perfect, I feel so accomplished and actually enjoy keeping that space clean! If you are new around here welcome, and you will quickly see I REALLY love organizing.

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  1.  Take out EVERYTHING from under the sink you are working with.
  2. Go through it all. Sorting it into piles
    1. Discarding anything broken
    2. Thrifting anything that is not used, but is still useable
    3.  Making a ‘keep’ pile for items you do still use
  3. Categorize your ‘keep’ pile, grouping SIMILAR things together
  4.  Measure out your cabinet in the ‘useable’ areas to determine how large of storage boxes you can use

Now before I finish the steps, I want to show you my before and after. Everyone loves a good before and after. The AFTER gives away my handy little trick.

Tried and failed Under Sink Organization Tools

Sadly don’t have many pictures of my failed attempts because it was a DISASTER zone down there before I figured out my current organization solution. Things I tried…

Before and After: Under Sink Organization


Remaining steps to organize your under the sink cabinet

This is where it will really depend on if you are organizing a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room sink. As it will determine WHAT TYPES of items you are trying to effectively organize.

For my UNDER KITCHEN SINK storage I was obviously looking for a way to store

  •  bulk cleaning supplies
  • garbage bags
  • scrub brushes
  • dishwasher soap
  • dishwashing soap
  • disinfectant wipes
  • kitchen cleaning spray bottles
  • plastic grocery bags

Maximize your under sink storage: GO VERTICAL

So I found the best way to store them was to group them into 3 BASKETS. I was able to score these great stacking baskets from Costco. I actually already had them in my house and was storing other things in them. When I realized they would fit PERFECTLY 3 high under my kitchen sink.

Basket 1: Dishwasher pods, Dishwashing soap

Basket 2: Garbage bags, dish scrub brushes and scouring pads. I know it seems strange to have my garbage bags in the basket. But it actually dispensed REALLY nicely. Pulling out one bag at a time.

Basket 3: Bulk cleaning supplies, Disinfectant wipes

I then left my

  • Spray bottles
  • larger rolls of garbage bags

Just on the bottom of the cabinet itself. And stored my plastic grocery bags in an IKEA bag dispenser which I screwed into my cabinet door. In the back of the cabinet you will see my extra vases for flowers.

You may be thinking, what about all the wasted space BEHIND the baskets?

Well my friend, don’t worry. I have things hiding back there too. Seldom used things that really I should get rid of. But a voice inside is telling me to keep. I have some furniture polish cleaning solution from when we bought our bedroom furniture set….Haven’t touched them. Oops?

Okay, I will show you the zoomed out AFTER Shot

Ahh, it just makes me SO happy to see how perfectly they fit between all the pipes too.. It’s truly exciting for me! Haha.

Stacking Basket Options

These specific stacking baskets pictured are from Costco

You can also get stacking baskets from other retailers such as Amazon, or Wayfair, if your Costco doesn’t carry these anymore!

Basket: These baskets here from Amazon look extremely similar to the ones I have.

Another cute basket option that is shorter (height) which would allow for more baskets vertically to fit in the same cupboard space. This is a great option if you figure out you need more baskets for each of your ‘categories’ of supplies.

Tip: Get stacking baskets that have a ‘scoop’ front, so you can access the contents inside without unstacking them.

I have plans to add cute bronze vinyl labels to them in the near future! Stay tuned to see what that looks like. Also do not worry. My kids cannot get access to this cupboard full of cleaning supplies. They are locked at all times 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little trick to maximize under sink storage and organization by using as much vertical space as possible. Utilizing stackable baskets.